This is a very large terrarium. Used for a snake. Has zebra print decorated foam glass inserts (to insulate glass) this is for reptiles only, not aquatic life such as fish. Screen slides in 2 independant sections, very secure and fits as it should.
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Turtle tank and accessories. Including 3 filters cartridges, adult and baby aquatic turtle food, and heat lamp. 30 in. by 12 1/2 in. Height is 13 in.
3 woods for decoration & basking spots. Water bowl, also will come with a cricket cage & cricket food. Comes with the basking lights . Only thing that is missing is when u open the cage it is supposed to have a thing u can grab on so u can open it but it broke the first week I bought it so I just open it from the hole u see on top of the opening part.
Item posted in the Accessories & Supplies category
Its 3x1x1. Comes with heating lamp
36" long 16" tall 18" wide
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