I'm looking for a variety of rocks, stones, boulders, bricks and pebbles for a very large arts and crafts project. Even old granite or quartz would be good for this project.
If anyone has any Halloween decor they no longer want,I'll gladly take it off your hands,my 9 yr old wants to decorate her room in Halloween lol
I have an early 90s laptop with no OS and the only way to install one is via floppy discs. The specs will only allow 95 or earlier.
Hello, as a teacher at a new school, I was wondering if I can receive materials for school. I will need composition books, scissors, and glue sticks. If you could donate, that would be awesome.
I'm preparing to move my whole life cross country, and I'm desperately in need of moving boxes. I'd like to start packing immediately.
Crystal Crafters, a non-profit group, needs a chair for our volunteer receptionist. Thanks.
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