9-Jun-2018Montgomery, TX(93 miles)Items Wanted
Moving. Need wardrobe boxes. Thank you.
9-Jun-2018Deer Park, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
Flooded my rv. Need help
9-Jun-2018Galveston, TX(46 miles)Items Wanted
Need help
9-Jun-2018La Porte, TX(52 miles)Items Wanted
Need help tbis is my home
9-Jun-2018Pasadena, TX(48 miles)Items Wanted
Need help
9-Jun-2018Baytown, TX(61 miles)Items Wanted
Roof and floors on my rv have rotted. This is my home. Till i can fix it I am homeless.please help
Floors and roof have rotted from flood please help
9-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
Large outdoor pots for replanting
8-Jun-2018Katy, TX(57 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a black or very dark wood king size bed frame that isn t bulky. Wood, metal or any other types would work.
7-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a set of training wheels for my son's first bike (16"). Doesn't have to be anything fancy.
7-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
I'm disabled lost everything in Harvey. I'm rent to own twin mattress. I need a day bed frame or headboard foot board. My rooms small and im injuring myself on the metal frame.
6-Jun-2018Katy, TX(57 miles)Items Wanted
I am trying to create an alternative classroom. I m looking for stability balls that are in good condition. Thank you in advance.
6-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
Hi! I am in search of some moving boxes. I am moving in mid to late July, so any help you can give would be appreciated. I am willing to travel to pick them up. Thanks so much! Liz
6-Jun-2018Katy, TX(57 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I'm looking for baby or small fruit plants to grow in the back yard. Thank you very much!
6-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
Nothing too specific, just looking for a rolling chair without arms, not broken and in good condition.
6-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
I have recently started working out. Looking for a bike to aid in my cardio training
6-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
I am fostering a dog and several cats- looking for gently used items. Will pick up.
5-Jun-2018Houston, TX(50 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a laptop donation for my son. He is in high school and is an honor student and a star basketball player. He really needs a laptop for his class assignments. He did the best he could last year without one because I could not afford to buy one for him. I am trying to secure one for him now so that he will have one to start his 10th grade year with. Thank you!
5-Jun-2018Rosenberg, TX(43 miles)Items Wanted
looking for a working blood pressure machine for my mom...needs to be digital not the manual kind...TIA
5-Jun-2018Galveston, TX(46 miles)Items Wanted
I would so very much appreciate help with finding and good washer and dryer to use. I am 58 years old and have been ill and live in a third floor apartment. I have washer and dryer hookups but have no money and no way to ever be able to afford a working washer or dryer. I feel it s just not in the cards for me.
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